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The Wildlife Evolution and Behavior program, or web, at Florida Atlantic University's Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute is dedicated to basic and applied research on mammals especially in remote locations like the Arctic. Our research focuses on behavioral, ecological and evolutionary aspects of species vulnerability and resilience, especially in times of change, and our work is a collaborative effort with many partners including Native peoples across the north.

what's happening at web

Sept 3, 2020: We just launched our first Crowd Funding campaign. Working with our team at HBOI, FAU Funder just launched

'Life on the Edge'

We're hoping you can help us raise funds to get back to the Arctic to conduct crucial studies on beluga whale vulnerability and resilience  in this time of rapid change.

Please visit the FAU Funder site and make a donation today.

Thanks for your support

Greg and team

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Sept 3, 2020: Also today Greg presented a virtual lecture on this very topic as part of FAU's Research in Action series and you can view the lecture and the questions-and-answers that followed, here:

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July 10, 2020: We just published a paper in Scientific Reports that covers a study of beluga whale group structure and kinship. It also covered 20 years and four countries ... and more than a few cold nights in a tent! Click here to learn more.

May 1, 2020: A new study on bottlenose dolphin nocturnal behavior was published today in the journal Animal Biotelemetry. It reveals how individual dolphins in a lagoon system in Florida have very unique movement patterns and habitat preferences, regularly travel out to the ocean, and also travel up rivers and freshwater canals.


Click here to learn more.

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January, 2020: Working with a team of scientists web contributed to new research, juts out in the Journal of Mammalogy, on the demographic consequenes of dispersal and colonization in Endangered Steller sea lions.


Click here to learn more.

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