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The Wildlife Evolution and Behavior program, or web, at Florida Atlantic University's Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, is dedicated to basic and applied research on marine mammals including in remote locations like the Arctic.


Our research focuses on the behavioral, ecological, and evolutionary aspects of species vulnerability and resilience, especially in times of change. It is a collaborative effort with many partners, including Native Peoples across the north.

Ocean Science Lecture Series

In Search of Sea Ghosts and Unicorns

In this presentation, Greg takes us on a journey from the myths of unicorns found in Ancient Greek texts to WEB's present day research. He covers how we are using tools like machine learning to identify behaviors of individuals while examining social structure. Could social learning be a key to adaptation and resilience in a changing Arctic for beluga whales and narwhals?  

Watch the Ocean Science Lecture Series Presentation

(fast forward 5 minutes to the actual start of the talk!)

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